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New Product De-rusting Gel

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We are proud to present our new MC-51 De-rusting Gel. It is a green product and the only De-rusting gel in the market that it is safe for the skin.MC-51 rust remover Gel is a rust removing gel suitable for all ferrous metals. It is formulated with easiness of use in mind. It can be applied by hand or brush. It is designed to stick on vertical surfaces or in the lower surface of an object without dripping. It will remove rust fast and easy. No need to prepare the surface before or use any kind of tooling. MC-51 rust remover Gel is a product of extensive research. It is produced in UK by Maveric Group ltd. A safe and easy to use product that will save you time and money covering the everyday rust removal needs. It is designed for removal of light and medium rust.

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