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CSF will harm the hoses of my motor?

CSF is safe for all rubber hoses. It is safe for your skin also and will not require to dismantle anything.

Is there any danger for my motor If I will use CSF?

No there isn't any danger for your motor using CSF. If your radiator is very old(classic cars) and rust has penetrate completely to the metal, there is a possibility when rust is removed to expose small pinholes. In this case you will need to repair or replace the radiator.

What if I mix CSF with water in higher ratio?

The mixing ratio of CSF is between 1:5 to 1:7 max. Depending the times you want to reuse it, you can choose a lower mix ratio 1:5 for reuse up to 3 times and 1:7 for reuse up to 1 times. We would like to notice that reuse of CSF is determined after each application since the percentage of rust in your system will determine if the product is spend or not. You can understand that CSF is spend when it will become completely black.

Can CSF replace coolant?

The heat transfer of CSF is the same with water you can use CSF for short period as coolant fluid but only for the purpose of cleaning your cooling system. If you need to use your vehicle during the application of CSF you can do it without any problem. We recommend that after few hours or days to remove CSF and completely flush your cooling system with water, in order to remove loose rust particles. CSF will freeze at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius.

Are you sure that CSF will reduce my motor working temperature?

If you are not having a mechanical problem in your system (broken pump, broken thermostat) and your motor runs in higher that manufacturer stated temperatures, CSF will differently help you reduce your system working temperature.

How can I verify that my cooling system is rusted?

This is easy, 1st inspect your coolant tank for traces of rust deposits, 2nd open the lid of the radiator and check for visual deposits of rust.

When I need to use CSF

You can use CSF when you have visual signs of rust in your cooling system. CSF can be used also during annual service as proactive defence against rust (by cleaning the rust deposits that are still light and probably not visible without dismantling the cooling system)

Can I use CSF on my own or I need a mechanic?

The application of CSF is so simple that everybody can use it. If you have basic skills and you know how to drain and bleed your vehicles cooling system then you can perform the application on your own, otherwise we recommend to visit your mechanic and let him do the application.


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