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CSF is an environmental friendly rust remover designed especially for cooling systems. Rust and corrosion in cooling systems works in practice as an insulator reducing its heat exchange capability resulting overheating problems. CFS Restores the engine ability to transfer heat to the coolant allowing engines to run cooler and last longer.

How It works

CSF allows the user to easily and quickly remove rust from automotive engines, mechanical cooling and recirculating systems, and liquid delivery lines without the need for dismantling.

CSF uses the latest technology in rust and corrosion removal to totally revitalize automotive cooling systems.

CSF  uses “selective chelation,” a process in which a large synthetic molecule forms a bond with metals and holds them in solution. The active ingredient in Cooling System Flush bonds exclusively to the iron in iron oxide – not in steel. This means that CSF will not harm un-rusted metal.

 rust water pump
Cooling System Flush removes rust, and other deposits readily built up in radiators, water pumps, water jackets, engine blocks and heads. CSF will not harm soldered joints,hoses, gaskets or seals.


Rusted cooling system


CSF Main Characteristics


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