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1.  Mix CSF with tap water at a ratio 1:6 (This applies to concentrated version of CSF).

2.  Remove Coolant and replace with CFS. It is recommended that you should run the vehicle for at least 1 to 8 hours before draining  CFS (depending the volume of rust). You may drive the vehicle normally during this period.

3.  Drain CFS and flush with water. Refill cooling system with high quality coolant.

4.  CSF is reusable (aprox. 3 times).  When solution is turning black it is an indication that it is spend. Before storing CSF for reuse, let it still so all residues settle to the bottom and then use a clean container to pack it.

Note: Cooling System Flush freezes at 0C. Cooling System Flush is not recommended to be left in engine blocks when temperatures fall below 0C degrees Celsius.

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