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A rusted cooling system will cause


Over Heating

During your vehicle engine run cycles a rust layer is developed. This layer covers all the parts of your engine cooling system. This includes the radiator, the water pump, the thermostat, the Cabin heat radiator and all rubber hoses. Rust act’s as a strong insulation barrier that reduces the capacity of heat extraction from the system leading to engine overheat.
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Components Wear

High operating temperatures due to poor motor cooling leads to high components wear. Coolant pump, thermostat, radiator are highly attacked by rust, loose rust particles interfeer with all moving parts leading to component failure.
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Clogged Cabin Heat

Clogged cabin heating radiator is a usual symptom.  A clogged radiator starts leaking and eventually brakes delivering steam and coolant into the cabin. This results damaged electronics and a very expensive and time consuming repair since in most cases it is required to remove the  dashboard.
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Increaset Mantenance Cost

Rusted cooling system leads to more frequent service intervals (scheduled & non scheduled). Engine poor performance and expensive engine repair due to overheat. The most comon damage cause by overheating is a deformed motor head block. This costly repair can heal the resault but not the source of the problem since rust will remain in cooling system and will lead to damage again.
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